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Talent Acquisition

Let our technology enable you to elevate your strategic recruitment tactics to scale.

Smart recruitment automation to support your hiring
Auto-generate a list of qualified applicants from all sources
Powerful Screening
Instant recommendations built by recruiter. Search for talent the way you write your job description
Hiring Manager
Recommendation Report
Show hiring managers exactly why you're recommending each talent
Recruitment Management System

Search Everywhere, Search Better

Instantly source from the most important places, put together.

Prospect Management Simplified

Significant recruiter time is spent on qualifying leads and outbound reachout. Conslidate headhunting efforts, and build a shared pool of talent with Vita as your prospect management tool

Talent Management simplified

Instantly map out every availble skill for your entire employee pool. Tap into your HRIS and identify lateral moves and internal mobility opportunities, as well as growth potential for every employee.

Silver Medalist and Broze Medalists

Past applicants that you've previously shortlisted, interviewed, and made notes on. These are identified high potential candidates. Assess them for every new position that opens up and close roles faster than ever!

Active Candidates, Redeployed

Candidate experience instantly elevated, by assessing every applicant, for every open positions. Find the hidden gems across the board and invite them to apply for the right roles.

Rediscovery and Re-engagement

Candidate rediscovery made possible. Keep track of their career progress and instantly re-engage them as soon as a more suitable position is open

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