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Roshan Ravishankar
Roshan Ravishankar


Dipansh Bhatt
Dipansh Bhatt

Head of Sales

Adrian Leonardo
Adrian Leonardo

Business Development

Charlie Angriawan
Charlie Angriawan


Abhilasha Singh
Abhilasha Singh

Partnerships Manager

Jasmine Zheng
Jasmine Zheng

Customer Success Lead

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We’re envisioning a world where you don’t apply to jobs within companies. You just apply to companies. 


About us

In our first pilot with a local public institution who were running a program since 2009, post adoption of Vita, they found 168% more best fit candidates than ever before!

We believe in building tech around the overlooked manual tasks that go into a company. Whether it’s an SME unable to focus on their customer becuase they’re bogged down by administrative work or an enterprise unable to move fast enough because of internal processes, super-powering these tasks lets employees be the best version of themselves.

Smart products can turn these overlooked tasks into powerful value generators for a company.

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